Thursday, 19 June 2014

A Brief Overview of Sinn Watches: You Want to Know

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Towards watches everyone has his/her own particular taste. Nowadays a wide range of variety is available of wristwatches to choose from. You may love tourbillons during another chronograph. Sinn watch brand contained the unique combination of German aesthetics, stunning quality and impressive mechanical movement. Although Sinn watches are not as pricey as other luxury brands like Rolex or Hublot, still the collection of Swiss Replica Sinn Watches also available to overcome the price issue. Sinn brand claims that its watches unite the pioneer innovations with traditional fine craftsmanship.

Mr. Helmut Sinn is the founder of ‘Helmut Sinn Spezialuhren” who was not only a pilot but also a flight instructor by profession. He founded the company in 1961. Initially, the company produced pilot chronograph and navigation cockpit clock.

When in 60’s, Helmut Sinn was a pilot probably wasn’t satisfy with the watches available in the market, finally he decided to produce his own. To make his watches more affordable he thought to cut out the middle man costs, so decided to sell watches direct to the consumer. Personally I believe that Mr. Sinn is the forefather of modern online boutique trends that adopt by several today’s brands. With the elimination of the trade margin, the company offers its timepieces at a low range which impact well on traditional sales channels. Soon the watches from Sinn get fame among pilots for their quality and value for money. Over the years as company sold to other hands, the company introduced the traditional concept of distributors.
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Sinn watch brand lies in the list of young brands and it’s surprising that the brand introduced a variety of models in very short period. Sinn has been incorporating a variety of technologies in their timepieces almost from last twenty years to set a different image apart from other brands. Innovative elements such as tegimented steel, magnetism resistance and special capsules that keep the watch dry all come with various Sinn models.

The brand owes vast experience of mechanical watches, and Sinn is technologically referred as an engineering brand now. Technically Sinn watches are best as contained some distinctive features that differentiate them from others. Some attributes of these robust timepieces are listed below. Let’s take a look.
  •  TEGIMENT Technology: Sinn watches come with this advanced technology which primary purpose is to provide high scratch resistant. In this method, coating is not used but the surface itself creates the resistant layer.
  • Temperature Resistant Technology: To protect the watches Sinn use special oil that allow the watches to withstand even at the temperature of 45°C to 80°C without effecting.
  • PVD Coating: PVD coating is one of the finest techniques to protect the material surface by high quality coating. Instead of Tagiment Sinn also used this for watches.
  • Drying Capsule (Ar-Dehumidifying Technology): Sinn used the elements of drying capsule (Ar-Dehumidifying technology) in its watches that protect the watch from moisture. 
  • DIAPAL Technology: For long term accuracy of the watch movement Sinn selected particular material that work great without lubrication. Name it DIAPAL. 
  • Magnetic Field Protection: Sinn watches stand well when its magnetic field. Sometimes magnetic clasps cause the magnetism that adversely affects the accuracy of the timepiece. So Sinn offers watches with magnetic field protection. 
  • HYDRO Feature: Sinn introduced HYDRO cases that provide the wearer free readability even under deep water from any angle.
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Although Sinn produced timeless watches under different watch lines but its 657 and 856 models are most popular watches among people. Sinn 657 is a three hand aviator carried ETA movement; date display shows up between 4 and 5 position and rotated numerals 45 degrees that enhance the reading level. The iconic case transforms a perfectly clean styling. 856 UTC is the second most favorite watch of the watches Sinn cover. The case also included ETA movement and a complicated dial. Mostly models offered with black dial and yellow outline on the tip. Besides from the mentioned models Sinn 157 and 256 chronographs are fine watches that considered best tool for divers.

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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Patek Philippe Watches: New Annual Calendar Chronograph 5960/1A Hands-On

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Patek Philippe is sure-sign of opulence, splendor and affluence. Undoubtedly the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer founded in 1851 is known for its elite customary. On the other hand, it’s a fact that People searches online for Swiss Replica Patek Philippe as are available in affordable prices. 
Ever since its inception it has been making unrivaled and unsurpassed masterpieces worn by celebrities, members of royal families, business tycoons and high-ranked officials. Patek Philippe stands for everything that its buyers strive for: long-lasting, reliable, high performance, luxury and of course its resale worth. Minute Repeater, Calatrava, Gondolo Gemma and Perpetual Calendar are really incredible addition to the world of horology by Patek Philippe. But in these days its new chronograph has got fame.

At 2014 Baseworld, Patek Philippe released its new Annual Calendar Chronograph 5960/1A about that people found more excited when they discovered this 40.5mm case in pure steel. In fact, Patek Philippe always been trying to increase the value of their versatile timepieces and in its watch lines you can’t find frequently such kind of complicated steel cases. So the new steel case really gets Patek Philippe enthusiasts a bit excited.

Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Chronograph 5960 is the latest steel model from the series of 5960. Patek Philippe gave so importance to this family in its collection. As in 2006, the series 5960 debuted that contained first ever made in house movement and offered in platinum case. Previous collection in 5960 series was introduced in gold or platinum, so it’s the first time in solid steel. As Patek Philippe described that in this series now timepieces will be offered in steel cases for next.

Like the new 5960/1A, Patek Philippe has already debuted this type of black oxidized gold hands and hour markers in 2011 in the form of 5270 Perpetual Calendar Chronograph that proved a popular watch. Similarly, this timepiece seems most elegant and eye-catching model from the family of 5960.

Inside the watch 5960/1A there is mechanical self-winding in-house Caliber CH 28-520 IRM QA 24H that contained a 45-55 hours power reserve and additionally have 456 parts in total. This Annual Calendar Chronograph also equipped with day, date and month in apertures, 60 minutes as well as 12 hours mono counter, steel bracelet, silvery opaline dial having blackened gold applied hour markers, scratchproof sapphire crystal and water resistant of 30 meters.

Patek Philippe claimed that the watch emanates the cool sheen of stainless steel manufactured with the perspectives of rare classically elegant timepieces. In its functionality, 5960/1A owes a lot. Although the dial of watch deceptively simple but there is so many distinctive features offered in this cool watch. In terms of both complicated and versatile, it’s fully a chronograph.  A subsidiary dial with two hands, annual calendar with the separate window that operate day, date and month function, night indicator with blue and white color and high power reserve of 45-55 hours are really the features that collectors require in a lifestyle timepiece. 

No doubt Patek Philippe Watches are increasingly making their own niche in the horology world with their high end stylish designs. Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Chronograph 5960/1A could be a wonderful treat for those who are in the market hunting for new Patek Philippe.

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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Why People Demand Swiss Watches

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Watches are produced in many regions from around the world, and people have also different choices in this regards. Some of them want to get a tactical while other a sports or lifestyle timepiece. Also, there are several brands those offering fine quality wristwatches made of very precious material. Still many of people on this planet want Swiss Watches why? Even the demand of Swiss Replica Watches is growing day by day. In fact, Switzerland has always been famous for its technical perfection and reign against its different products and services.

There is no exemption for Swiss Watches in their popularity among people as are considered best in the world because of their finest technology, quality material and fine craftsmanship. In the 18th century Swiss Army knife, Victorinox became popular before watches. Karl Elsener was in search of a unique item that must make an outstanding demand, so he introduced Victorinox. With the rest of the time, Swiss knife became a known brand round the globe. After the popularity of Victorinox; he produced a timepiece and in the result, Swiss Watches came into existence that eventually became darling in the world of horology.

Now a day mostly watch wearer prefer Swiss Watches above ant other because of some reasons. Let’s take a look.
Virtually people choose a wristwatch grounded on the brand but for some of them demand a watch having best material as well as outstanding workmanship. And Swiss Watches contain the both. Additionally watches made in Swiss are visually great and considered automated enhancing motivation in the ongoing advancement. There is no compromise on quality by Swiss Watches as their rules in watch-making are stick that ensures high end watches. Swiss Watches are manufactured through very precious material that is a commitment with quality in itself.

Now the watches are more than a time telling machine; people love to wear versatile timepiece to meet the trendy fashion. Apart from quality, Swiss Watches are also better known for their contemporary and traditional styles. Almost every Swiss Watch Brand offers a unique watch design overall while different features in sub watch lines. The finish gems and parts used in watches are already artistry but still every brand is in search of designing an enduring timepiece. In Swiss Watches, you can find different designs of watches.
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Swiss Watches such as Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, IWC, Longiness, Cartier, Breitling, Bell & Ross and Zenith are those Swiss watch brands that maintained decades of popularity in producing world class timepieces. The reliability of fine quality timepieces of above mentioned brands is taken as the watches that go far beyond a person’s life-long. You may know the persons that still wear their grandpas’ Rolex etc. That’s why Swiss Watches have the heritage of fine craftsmanship. 

Watches are also taken as personal status, and these are used as a medium to inform others how much you are going well in your life career. Swiss Watches are enough to show off your attitude in the front of others. Swiss Watches contained advanced features, amazing appeal, unique designs, high quality material and almost everything a watch lover require in his wristwatch. These were some reasons behind the popularity of Swiss Watches. So, you can go with any Swiss Watch with any perspective including quality, reliability or time keeping capability.