Saturday, 29 March 2014

Find Affordable Luxury with Hamilton Watches

When it comes to purchase a wristwatch, you have to check the “two F’s” Function and Fashion as they go side by side. May you not want to get purely fashionable watch but also watch having functional features? Point is, how can you find the watch that has both features? Enter the Hamilton Watches. These watches contain both fashion and function qualities and people really love to wear. Bestclones offers Swiss Replica Hamilton Watches with fashion, function and affordability. These watches are purely handmade by experienced horologists at quality standards.
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Hamilton Watch Company

The Hamilton Watch Company was founded in 1892 and launched its first watch, the 936, in 1893. It was a pocket watch with a 18-size 17-jewel. In the first fifteen years, Hamilton used only two size (18-size and 16-size) movements. Later Hamilton became popular by the Hamilton first watch series, better known as Watch of Railroad Accuracy”. Then after the 1st World War, there was the era of Wristwatches start and Hamilton produced its first wristwatch in 1917. This watch was purely designed to appeal to men but to contain the 983 movement used in women watches that time. Then Hamilton purchased Illinois Watch Company in 1928 for in excess of $5. In 1950, the company stopped the production of civil watches and only produced timepieces for US armies. 1957 was the time when Hamilton revealed its first digital watch Ventura and in the following year, the first figured digital watch. Now the company name is well known across the world. Hamilton also earned its recognition with the collaboration of Hollywood top movies.
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Hamilton Watches

Company deals in different watch models with watch lines include Jazzmaster, Timeless Classic, Ventura, Aviation, Field and Navy. Jazzmaster relates to the classic line of Hamilton. Every watch collection has its own special features due to which they are famous among people.

If we dig deeper in the history of Hamilton watches, we come the point that quality; functions or features and variety were the factor behind the popularity of the brand. Hamilton achieves the fame first when launched its first Broadway Limited pocket watches. Then the Piping Rock and Yankee Watches helped to achieve the second milestone. Hamilton brings diversity in designs which separate its watches and now in Khaki Collection you can choose a watch from American Classic and Khaki, you can choose from Navy, Aviation and Action watches. Similarly, on the other hand, American Classic is divided into Jazzmaster and Ventura Series. Both are designed for a lifetime. Jazzmaster series offer watches in more than 20 different series. Jazzmaster contains a combination of innovation and modernity that makes it very irresistible among watch lovers. One of the people most likely models from the family of Jazzmaster is Maestro, having features of Valjoux 7750 movement, 45mm face equipped with sapphire crystal, crocodile strap, 100 meter water resistant and display case back. For stylish looking watches, it’s best if you consider Jazzmaster series.
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Collaboration with Hollywood

Hamilton collaboration with Hollywood movies really matters for its popularity. Many celebrities used these watches in their real life and movies. You can find Hamilton watches in blockbusters like Men in Black, Independence Day and Fight Club wearing by different stars. People notice their favorite stars when wearing Hamilton watches they also turn towards Hamilton.

It’s very true that the watch lovers are extremely interested in getting Hamilton watches, but everyone can’t afford them. But if you are interested in getting your favorite Hamilton then choose the platform of Swiss Replica Hamilton watches. These watches have the same features of authentic Hamilton; the only difference is the price tag there.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Haute and Fascinated Roger Dubuis Watch Collection

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If you are looking for best designer luxury watch then you can contemplate Roger Dubuis watches this season. Roger Dubuis relatively are more innovative and versatile watches in the industry. Brand is not only master in movement manufacturing internally but also one of the brands which is certify from Poincon de Geneve (Geneva Seal Certified) with the entire production. Bestclones provide sophisticated Roger Dubuis watches with quality and affordable price. These watches are purely handmade with quality material.

About Roger Dubuis

Roger Dubuis; A luxury watch manufacturer company was founded by Roger Dubuis and Carlos Dias in 1995. The company was established with the initiative of independence and excellence and which proved in 1999 when first calibers were introduced. This was the presentation time of first in-house movement (Geneva Seal Certification). Roger Dubuis has crafted more than thirty completely original in-house movements. After this, company builds its manufacturer in Meyrin in 2001. Excalibur Collection launch in 2005 with exclusive double tourbillon movement. Currently Roger Dubuis has 20 its own-name outlets, latest is located in Macau (China). In 2008, the company became the part of the famous Richemont Group. To train up the future generation, Roger Dubuis joined IOSW (institute of Swiss Watchmaking) program in 2008, arranged by Richemont. 
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Roger Dubuis Watch Collection

Under the brand name of “Roger Dubuis” several watches have been introduced, main watch line of Roger Dubuis is discussed here.

1. Excalibur

Excalibur is technically powerful and excellent designed watches. In 2005, the collection was introduced with double tourbillon movement. Watch design also include triple lugs, groove bezel, integrated strap and Roman numerals on the dial. Collection contains both gents and ladies models. Company paid attention focus to the Excalibur collection in 2013 and in the result it accounts for 30 to 40 percent of the total sale. In this line, you can find extravagant expression of style and watch-making expertise.
2. Hommage Collection

Mr. Roger Dubuis introduced Hommage collection to pay tribute his forefathers in watch-making first time in 2005. The Double Flying Tourbillon from the family of Hommage is the latest model just revealed at SIHH 2014. This model is equipped with hand-wound movement, alligator strap, powered by RD 100 and 18k white gold along with signature of Mr. Roger Dubuis on the sapphire case back.

3. Le Monegasque Collection

Another audacity and excellence are Le Monegasque collection. Inspiration of La Monegasque drew from Monte Carlos. Distinctive features of this collection include its unique shape, flying tourbillon, Poincon de Geneve hallmark and visible micro-rotor.

4. Pulsion Collection

One of the technical, dynamic and powerful collections from Roger Dubuis is Pulsion. These watches have 44mm wide case offer in titanium or 18k pink gold. Usually comes with rubber strap but can also available in metal bracelet. Watches contain manually wound flying tourbillon movement.

5. Velvet Collection

Roger Dubuis Velvet Collection is a magical combination of precious materials and technical excellence. Models have mechanical self-winding movement display hours, minutes and seconds, beauty includes clean, well-matched emeralds, sapphire or rubies. On the watch dials, gemstones are used very beautifully. In glamorous universe, people associate these watches with the Diva spirit.

6. Historical Collection

Roger Dubuis Historical Collection consists of King Square and Easy Diver watches. Eay Diver is an extraordinary sports watch collection; you can find awesome technical mastery in it. These are specially designed timepiece to meet the outdoor conditions. In the watch history, East Diver is one of the first collections which incorporate a flying tourbillon into the watches. King-Square Watches are instantly recognizable due to their unique architecture. You can meet to a unique combination of glass and metal in it. There are many skeleton movements used and especially crafted for this collection.
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Roger Dubuis Boutiques

To get the pure attention of customers Roger Dubuis opened its own-name 20 Boutiques located in different regions, listed below.
Singapour, Bangkok, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Moscow, Seoul, Macau Four season, Macau Galaxy, Macau Wynn, Hong Kong Peninsula, Hong Kong Pacific Place, Hong Kong 1881 Heritage, Hong Kong ifc mall, Taiyuan, Tianjin, Shenyang, Shanghai, Beijing, Geneva.

Affordable Roger Dubuis Watches

When selecting the fashionable watch for women or men, you know the true value of watch. If you would like to have the collection of Roger Dubuis for different occasions but the price tag is the only hurdle then Swiss Replica Roger Dubuis is the choice for you. These watches are made with fine craftsmanship and quality material to meet the level of authentic one. A number of websites are offering Replica watches, and before purchasing doesn’t hesitate to verify the site. You can enjoy all features of authentic Roger Dubuis watch, but you have to go the extra mileage and get yourself a Swiss Replica Roger Dubuis watch.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Ferrari watches: Collaboration with other Brands

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Have you a Ferrari fan in your life? One way to win that’s heart is Swiss made Ferrari watch. Ferrari watches can perform like any other high precision accessory. It’s really wonderful to wear a Ferrari Watch, and if you are looking for quality Swiss Replica Ferrari watch, Bestclones can be the right option for you where you can aspect a good customer service also. Swiss Replica watches are crafted with high quality material includes ETA movement, stainless steel, sapphire crystal and high water resistant.

Early Partners

When we talk about Ferrari watches, different watch brand names come with this includes Longines, Cartier, Cabestan, Girard-Perregaux, Panerai, Cabestan and Hublot. Some of these watch brands have been true horology partner like Girard-Perragaux 1994-2004, Panerai 2005-2010, Cabestan 2010 and Hublot 2010-Present.  Initially, Ferrari starts to order small batch custom watches with Girard-Perregaux, Lamania and Rewel as these were vintage watch dealers that time. Then in the mid of 70’s Ferrari make a deal with Longines, and this was a co-branded, collaborative affair. After Longines, there was a joint venture with Cartier, which is well known by Ferrari Formula Collection. Then in 1994 Ferrari struck a long deal with Girard Perregaux and produced an extraordinary collection of watches.
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Ferrari with Panerai

When contract expired between Ferrari and Girard-Perregaux, it was the Panerai turn. In 2005, Ferrari struck a new deal with Panerai watches to produce its own co-branded watches. Both were the Italian companies and produced almost 23 watch models in its 5 year contract. Watches are present with brand name Ferrari on watch face which was a good experience. Ferrari watches were designed with the aspect of car designs like use of prancing horse and Ferrari logo. During the five year production of watches is divided into two main categories, Granturismo and Scuderia. Ferrari and Panerai did not proceed with the agreement when it expired in 2010.
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Ferrari with Hublot

Hublot became the watch-making partner of Ferrari in 2011 when it was announced by the CEO of Hublot and President of Ferrari at Mugello International circuit. It is a full-fledged agreement between the companies including commercial activities and in the term of brand logo. Till now the four famous models are presented includes Big Bang Chrono Tourbillon Ferrari, Big Bang Ferrari Titanium and Skeleton Tourbillon. All of these are eye-catching pieces, and some have limited edition.
Ferrari watches can be the perfect present for you or someone other in your life who loves Ferrari’s. Swiss Replica watches are well known because of their fine movement, and I think it’s no need to mention here that Swiss Replica watches contain it in its interior.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Why Tag Heuer Sports Watches Excel?

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Bestclones offers high quality Swiss Replica Tag Heuer watches to satisfy the people who can’t afford “Authentic”, but want to enjoy the same status symbol with Replica. People prospective for Replica watches are different; some take them with affordability, some with fashion requirements and other like Replica as appears authentic. Without any doubt, Tag Heuer watches are really wonderful, and literally this one is of my favorite watch brands. People associate these watches with class, status and style but also famous for fashionable and rugged use. In 1860, Edouard Heuer started his first watch making shop in Switzerland and introduced his first pocket watch in 1869. Later in 1883 Tag Heuer won a silver medal in the Amsterdam International Exhibition. Now days Tag Heuer watches have become well known brand in Swiss watch industry. Tag Heuer watches are also famous for their accurate measuring instruments. To become popular in the sports world the selection of Tag Heuer in 1920, 1924 and 1928 for Olympic Games really matters. Tag Heuer watches can also find in Jewelry watches made with 18-karat gold, diamonds and mother-of-pearl, steel and sapphire crystal. Watch bands have also choice of metal or leather, whichever appeals you. But here my focus is on sports watches by Tag Heuer. Significantly the names associated to sports from Tag Heuer are
  1. The Formula 1
  2. Professional Golf Watch
  3. The Aquaracer
  4. Monaco
  5. Carrera Series
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Tag Heuer Formula 1

Tag Heuer Formula 1 is one of the top selling watches in the market. Have great water resistance and automatic mechanism. Formula 1 is specially designed watch doesn’t matter for which purpose you want to wear it. Even you can wear it at your workplace or casually without tension as it has safety clasp. Formula 1 Tag Heuer also provide opportunity to find different designs according to your taste like
  • Formula 1 Grade Date Watch
  • Chronograph Watches
  • Formula 1 Professional Watch
  • Formula 1 Rubber Strap Watch
  • Formula 1 Chronograph Quartz Watch
Tag Heuer Formula 1 watches are manufactured with special features. These watches are equipped with water resistant up to 660 feet, Stainless steel band, and scratch resistance with black metal bezel.
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Professional Golf

Tag Heuer manufactured Professional Golf Watch in corroboration with famous golf played Tiger Woods. Tag Heuer create this watch with the aim that actual complements golfers. Light weighted titanium is used in the manufacturing of the watch to become it 60% lighter than other watches of Tag Heuer. Some features of Professional Golf Watch are given below.
  • Silicon Made Watch Strap
  • Flexibility of Strap (Allows golfer to adjust according to the wrist)
  • Made for Highly Shock Resistance
  • Having Quartz Movement (More durable than automatic watches)
  • Having Luminous Hands (Provide access to accurate time even in dark)
For golfers, this is a sophisticated choice in appearance and unobtrusive.

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Tag Heuer Aquaracer

If you are looking for a Tag Heuer watch manufactured with durable material, high quality, innovative design and movement then go ahead for Tag Heuer Aquaracer. One of the best driver’s watches available in the market. Features of Aquaracer watch are as under.
  • Automatic Self-Winding Movement
  • Made with Brushed and Polished Stainless Steel
  • Bracelet Band with a Safety Clasp
  • 40mm Thick Face covering
  • Advanced Crystal Face
  • High Water Resistant
Aquaracer has also great water resistance quality of 300m of underwater pressure. Thanks to its advanced engineered mechanism.
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Tag Heuer Monaco

One of the iconic models of Tag Heuer is Monoco. In 2009, company celebrated the fortieths anniversary of the Monoco watch. It is considered as firstly automatic as well as square case chronograph. If we consider all, Monaco version can find some design features are given below.
  • Square shaped
  • Handful Pushbutton
  • Hand applied date screen
  • Diamond tipped horizontal hours indexes
Some basic models in Monaco range come with Automatic Chronograph, Authentic, Sixty-Nine and LS.
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Tag Heuer Carrera Series

In fact, Tag Heuer Carrera series is a tribute to the first Carrera design was launches in 1964. Now Carrera has become one of the most famous sports timepieces in watch industry. This watch series is equipped with features of
  • Automatic Movements
  • Scratch-resistance Sapphire Crystal
  • Hand-applied Luminous Indexes
  • Fluted Crown
Generally Carrera Series can be divided into two categories, one is Basic Carrera and the other is Grand Carrera. Latest models are contained by Grand Carrera.
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Beside it, the production of sports watches from the house of Tag Heuer. There is many award owns by the company in the result of watch manufacturing. I hope now you are able to make the best choice while purchasing a Tag Heuer sports watch. It all depend on you what is meant by best for you; most expensive, accuracy, most featured or most like by people. If you are looking for a sophisticated, durable, sleek and elegant Tag Heuer watch within affordable price then must consider Swiss Replica Tag Heuer watches.